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Reventium Rules

Discussion in 'Rules and Information' started by FlatoutDude, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Dec 6, 2017
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    [-- Reventium Rule Board --]

    In-Game Rules:
    1. Absolutely no hacked clients, blacklisted modification and/or X Ray texture/resource packs, you will be instantly perm-banned, with 1 chance of appealing.
    2. Do not trust grief, scam, or troll other players in a harmful way.
    3. Please refrain from activity's that will produce large amounts of lag. (Such as creating a large amount of entities)
    4. Absolutely no land-grief in the Overworld, Doing so in the Nether, and The End is fine, if caught, you will be jailed, if caught again, you will be given an extended jailing, if you hit your 3rd offence, you will be temp-banned, if you hit your 4th offence, you will get a temp-ban extension (longer than the previous), If you hit your 5th offense, you will be perm-banned, with a chance of Appeal.
    5. If you know or catch a player breaking any of the rules, or if it's a staff member, I ask you to let us know ASAP, so we can go over the issue.
    Website Rules:

    Discord Rules:
    1. Do not spam chat. This can be extremely annoying to people with notifications enabled.
    2. Selfbots are allowed, as long as they don't annoy the community in any kind of way. You are still forced to use the selfbot in the bot channel, regardless of the command being used.
    3. Refrain from being excessively rude to people. A couple jokes with your friends here and there is fine, but being excessively rude to people and bullying isn't tolerated.
    4. Tagging staff is not allowed unless there's an important reason. For example, if someone was being rude to you in PM's, or anything you wouldn't want people doing towards you, you have all the right to tag staff. If you abuse this, you could face punishment.
    5. Please don't be a toxic member of the Community, This may have many meanings, and may be enforced my staff members, given the particular situation presented.
    6. Absolutely no threats of DDOS / DOS / DOX. This is strictly prohibited.
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